Battle in the Woods Paintball

Visit Paintball in the woods at the corner of Rock Creek Road and Cemetery Road

Monthly games are held the first weekend of every month or the arena is available too book private parties!

Contact for party bookings and more pricing 918-448-5607

Basic Rental – $35

Field Fee (Own Gun Setup) – $15

Spectator – $1

Smoke Bomb – $15

Body Armor Rental – $15

Pod of Paint – Approx. 140 pb – $5

Case of Paint – Approx. 2,000 pb- $55

HPA Tank – Refill / All Day Air – $3 / $5

Co2 Tank – Refill / All Day Co2 – $5 / $10

Private Game Field Fee for Group – $25 Per Hour

Basic Rental Includes: Field Fee, Mask, Gun, 500 PB, 1Tank with all day air, 2 Pods with carrier and belt.

Body Armor Includes: Chest Protector, Armored Gloves

Private Game Field Rental Comes With:


Referees / Game Coordinator


Tables (some chairs available, personal chairs recommended)

flat top grill, great for burgers, hotdogs, etc.

Concessions available for purchase

Your pick of games

GoPro videos / pictures

Check out our Facebook group for up-to-date info on monthly games

PB Flyer

Greetings, Talihina! My name is Samantha and I am the Director/Event Coordinator for Talihina. As the Director, I am excited to work closely with our city’s businesses and the community. From my experience in event planning to business promoting and community engagement, I am here to support, enhance, and engage our locals. I am passionate about supporting local businesses and enhancing community events to make them more memorable and beneficial to our town. Under my leadership, I vow to keep you up-to-date on dynamic community events tailored to benefit our community and the small businesses within.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at 918-567-3434, Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-3:30 pm.

Samantha Shoecraft

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